Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Softpoint Surprise

Music criticism can be a pointless exercise. That’s partly why I don’t bother doing it professionally anymore. Who are you writing to? To the unenlightened? Nope, they don’t read. The clueless and the ignorant are all too happy skipping behind the pied piper of boring, all the way to oblivion. So is it the enlightened who care? Afraid not. (You think I care what Pitchfork says about my favorite new band AFCGT?) No, the “open-minded” think they already know better than you; of what benefit to their refined taste and deep knowledge would it be to wade through a review of something they were into like 10 years ago? Or if they do actually read what you write, it’s purely to make sure you got your facts straight. How about the fans? Surely they consume the sustenance that is music criticism. Yes, you’re writing to the fans--but they don’t want truth; they wish only to hear the things that affirm their unshakable faith in whatever sacred cow you’re milking (or eviscerating).

So why write this? Beats me.

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